Located 23km to the south-east of the Melbourne’s CBD, Springvale will soon to be the home of its very own Hyatt Place. Located in central Springvale, the development will include 216 rooms, gym, function and conference centre, bar and lounge facilities, retail tenancies, restaurant and much more.

With over 20,200 residents as well as both domestic and international tourists, Springvale boasts eclectic dining, fresh produce, shopping, entertainment and cultural events as good as any found anywhere around the country.

Booming in both enterprise and innovation, Springvale is a multicultural hotspot thanks to the ever-expanding urbanisation of Melbourne and the movement away from the CBD in search of secondary business and leisure districts.

See Martyn Barnes announce the PE Capital (now Barnes Capital) Hyatt Place hotel, located in the cultural hub of Springvale, south east of Melbourne.